Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

Gallery Hana-arashi, Storm of cherry blossoms No.2

Title: Storm of cherry blossoms No.2/ Hana-arashi

The top character reads as /hana/, and writes as "花" in cursive style/sosho.
The bottom character reads as /arashi/, and writes as " 嵐 " in cursive style/sosho.

Hanging scroll (Kake-Jiku) ,size::35.5cm*140cm

paper size: 25.5cm*58cm

The paper is light brown.

The left fhotograph is a pattern of Hanging scroll.

The word ''flowers '' often means cherry blossoms in Japan since ancient times. Cherry blossoms bloom in spring.

Hana-arashi is strong seasonal wind that blows in the height of cherry blossoms. Or it means the pinkish petals of cherry blossoms blown by the wind like a snow storm.