Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)


title: Infinity/無限/mugen

The production year: 2012
cursive style/ sosho and gyosho
Top letter: Kanji: 無, reading: mu, meaning: nothing, cursive style/ sosho
Bottom letter: Kanji: 限, reading: gen, meanig: limit, semi-cursive style/ gyosho
paper size 70×150cm
Brush material: animal hair: sheep/ goat

The work was inspired and created by my following thought.

I became 54 years old. I questioned myself,"Untile what age can I live to?""What kind of work can I do?".
I sometimes become uneasy. But I am healthy now. And I got a new job. I intended to make use of this chance, and to do my best as hard as possible.

I believe,"the human potentiality os infinite".