Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)


title: Ukatosen

cursive style and semi-cursice style / sosho and gyosho

paper size 17cm 69cm, flame size 29cm 79cm

When you are drunk, you may feel as if you are flying. You are going up to the heaven by getting wings on your back. 'Uka' means 'to get wings' and to fly across freely on the sky. 'Tosen' means to become a hermit in Chinese legends and to reach to the heaven.

Top letter: kanji: 羽, reading :u, meaning: wing, sosho
Second letter: kanji: 化, reading: ka, meaning: make, act, gyosho
Third letter:kanji: 登, reading: to, meaning: climb, reach, sosho
Bottom letter: kanji: 仙, reading: sen, meaning: hermit, gyosho
Style of handwriting : The cursive style (sosho) and semi-cursive style(gyosho)