Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

2-1. Things to prepare

a.Ink stone (Suzuri)

Suzuri (ink stone) is usually made of stone. However, recently there are ones made of lightweighted plastic and pottery.

If you want to use a sumi ink stick, use a stone inkstone. When you use the liquid sumi ink, you may use the inkstone of any kind of material.



Land" is the place to graind an inkstick. "Pond" is the place to save the liquid ink.

After use, please wash an inkstone with water. If you do not wash it, the sumi ink will solidify. Then the color of the sumi becomes dirty the next time..


b. Underlay For Calligraphy (shitajiki)

felt mat

The underlay for calligraphy is a cloth such as felt and lasha. These cloths repel water. There are those with a line and no line. You can use whichever you like.


Sumi (ink stick) and Bokujyu (ink liquid)

sumi stick bokueki,

The Sumi ( ink stick) is used for making ink liquid by yourself. Bokueki (ink liquid) is used out of hand or diluted with water.
There are kinds of colors (black, brown, blue series) in ink. You can use whatever you like. There are various prices for ink, but you may choose according to your budget.

Do not put the sumi liquid left after training into the bottle. That is to preserve the quality of sumi ink liquid.


Attention: It is very difficult to remove sumi ink stain.

sumi stain,