Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

2-2. Things to prepare

c.Bunchin, 文鎮 (paper weight )

bunchin,paper weight

Paperweight is a tool to prevent paper from moving. So heavy things can be used instead of paperweights.


d. Paper for calligraphy

You are best to use paper for calligraphy.They are called "hanshi,半紙" "shodo-hanshi書道半紙". The approximate size of the paper : L33cm,13in, W24cm, 9.5in.
But if you practice kanji and big size characters, you can also use newspaper. Newspaper is suitable for practice because it is moderate blurring. I like to practice with newspaper. If you practice small size letters and hiragana, you can use copy paper. In that case, less bleeding paper is suitable.

Reference HP.
Search words for calligraphy paper are " calligraphy paper "," 半紙 ", and ”書道半紙”、so on.

paper for calligraphy

(Japanese)書道用の専用の紙を使うのがベストです。しかしあなたが漢字や大きい文字の練習をするのならば、新聞紙も使えます。 新聞紙は適度なにじみがあり書くのに適しています。もしあなたが小文字やひらがなを練習するのならばコピー用紙も使えます。その場合はにじみの少ない紙が適しています。


Please refer to the picture below for beginners brushes.

In the large brush: A brush whose diameter is 11 to 13 mm is suitable.
No.3-12.7mm-most suitable for four letters on hanshi (standard-size calligraphy paper)
No.4-10.9mm-most suitable for six letters on hanshi (standard-size calligraphy paper)

The colors of the brush hair of the writing brush are different by materials . The white one is goat's hair and soft. The brown hair is harder than white hair. And it is easy to use the brown one than a white one. I encourage beginners to use brown hair brushes.


brush bokueki,

small size brush( kofude,小筆) bokueki,