Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

6-1. Gyosho, Main characteristics of gyosho

1. It is possible to omit some dots and lines, and add variation to widths and engths of lines.

2. It is possible to connect more than one dot and line together and draw them in one touch so that the speed of drawing is faster in comparison to other types such as kaisho, reisho and tensho.

3. It is easy to diversify the shapes of letters.

4. The move of pen can be rhythmical so that it is easier to express artists’ minds.

5. Gyosho can better match with hiragana because the lines are more rounded by connected dots and lines.

6. Sosho is faster to draw but gyosho is easier to read.

With the characteristics listed above, gyosho is more useful and practical to write letters and addresses on envelopes.

Examples of gyosho