Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

6-4. Gyosho, Basics to write in gyosho3(Corner)

Corner1: how to continue to a vertical line from a horizontal line

1.Starting: unlike the case of kaisho,starting point must not be very clear. Start with a soft stroke and continue as indicated with arrow marks.

2.Sending stroke: at the corner to down-right, slightly lift up the brush, and rotate the top of the brush dynamically.

3.Ending: push down the brush lightly and then, with your list, push the top of the brush as indicated with arrows.

Corner2: how to continue to a horizontal line from a vertical line

1.Starting: start from top left with a strong stroke, lean inward a little bit, then move to lower left corner.

2.Sending stroke: at the corner, lift up the brush very slightly, and make the corner round-shaped.

3.Ending: push down the brush lightly.


1.Starting: start from upper left and move to lower left.

2.Sending stroke: at the end of the inclined vertical line, lift up the brush lightiy and then push the brush toward upper right.

3.Ending: gradually make the line narrower by lifting up the brush.