Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

守破離 Shu-ha-ri, Hanging scroll

Work No.4 Shu-ha-ri

All images were scanned under room light. The colors of images may be slightly different from real ones.


About this art work

This art work is attached to a green hanging scroll and not removable from it. Price includes the work and the hanging scroll.

Meaning: "Shu-ha-rii" roughly translates to "first learn, then detach, and finally transcend." These words are proverbs about learning method.
The first character,"Shu/守" means to protect, or to obey. That is , firstly you shoud learn basics from your teacher.
The middle character,"Ha/ 破" means to detach, to digress, or to break with tradition. In oder words, you shoud devise tasks by yourself as a next step.
Bottom character "Ri/ 離" means to leave, or to separate. It signifies that you shoud finally become independent and perform exclusively by yourself.

This is a work of light ink (淡墨,ushuzumi) .

Style of handwriting : The cursive style (sosho)

Size of this art work

Work (Washi: Japanese Paper)Size:22.5cm,68cm
Hanging scroll (Cloth,kakejiku) size:35cm*152cm

Accessories: Paper box
Packing size: Uncertain
Packing weight: Within 2KG (rough estimate)


JPY 80,000(plus sales tax)

This price includes packing and shipping charges within Japan.