Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

月白風清 Tsuki-shiroku-kaze-kiyoshi

Work No.15 Tsuki-shiroku-kaze-kiyoshi

All images were scanned under room light. The colors of images may be slightly different from real ones.

Tsuki-shiroku-kaze-kiyoshi Tsuki-shiroku-kaze-kiyoshi Tsuki-shiroku-kaze-kiyoshi

About this art work

Meaning: White moon means that the moon shines clearly on the sky. If wind blows, it enhances the brightness of the moon. This scene represents a clear mind without any stain.
*It reads from right to left.
Right letter: 月/ tsuki/moon
Second letter: 白/ shiro/ white
Third letter: 風/ kaze/wind
Left letter: 清/ kiyoshi/ clear
Style of handwriting : The cursive style (sosho)

Size of this art work

Work (Washi: Japanese Paper) size:70cm*29cm,(Paper looks like light blue, but is white.)
Packing size: uncertain
Packing weight: Within2KG (rough estimate)
The product is only the work put on the sheet(thin plate). The work is written on the white paper part. Wood frame and glass cover cannot be sent, and they are not included in the price.


JPY 30,000 (plus sales tax)

This price includes packing and shipping charges within Japan.