Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

好日, koujitsu, good day

Work No.73 koujitsu_good day

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koujitsu, good day
koujitsu letter

About this art work

Meaning: Good day, Every Day is a Good Day. Enjoy everyday life.
Top Letter: 好 Reading: kou, Meaning: Good,
Bottom Letter: 日 Reading: jitsu, Meanig: day
Style of handwriting : The semi-cursive style(gyosho)

Size of this art work

Work (Washi: Japanese Paper) size:15cm*19cm
Frame(wood,acrylic glass,,cloth,etc) size: 31cm*40cm
Packing weight: Within2Kg (rough estimate)
Packing size: uncertain
We will not compensate it for the damage by the mistake of the transport.


JPY45,000 (plus sales tax)

This price includes packing and shipping charges within Japan.