Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

太陽, taiyo, sun

Work No.74 taiyo, sun

All images were scanned under room light. The colors of images may be slightly different from real ones.

taiyo, sun

About this art work

Meaning: sun
Top Letter: 太 Reading: tai, Meaning: big,
Bottom Letter: 陽 Reading: yo, Meanig: sunshine
Style of handwriting : The semi-cursive style(gyosho)

Size of this art work

Work (Washi: Japanese Paper) size:25cm*36cm
Frame(stainless steel frame,acrylic glass,cloth,etc) size: 42cm*51cm*4.5cm
Packing weight: Within4Kg (rough estimate)
Packing size: uncertain
1. This amount is for reuse. There are a few scratches on the back side, but it does not hurt to use. However, the display was newly produced according to the image of the character.
2. This work was written as a character for Kanji T - shirt. This is the original. So you can make a T - shirt with this letter on the site . Our T-Shirt Shop. Even if you purchase this work, we will continue selling T - shirts of this character.
We will not compensate it for the damage by the mistake of the transport.
この額は再利用です。裏側に小さいひっかき傷がありますが使用には差し支えありません。ただし、マットの色などの表装は文字のイメージで作り直してあります。 またこれは漢字Tシャツ用の文字のオリジナル作品です。お買い上げ後も原稿として使用継続することをご了承ください。


JPY60,000. (plus sales tax)

This price includes packing and shipping charges within Japan.