Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

不可能な事は在る Fukano na koto wa(ha) aru.

Work No.77 Fukano na koto wa (ha) aru . There is impossible.

All images were scanned under room light. The colors of images may be slightly different from real ones.

Fukano na koto wa(ha) aru

About this art work

Meaning:There is impossible.
There is that you can not even make an effort in this world. Person is referred to as a “. You can do it” often. That you do the best is important. But when you just can not, I think… it necessary to give up. You should be able to level up while you are working seriously to challenge other. There will also be possible to also be an issue given up once.

The first character: Fu: 不: cursive style(sosho)
The second character: ka: 可: semi-cursive style(gyosho)
The third character: No: 能 : cursive style(sosho)
Na: な, hiragana
The next character : Koto, 事 : cursive style(sosho), thing
Wa (Ha): は , hiragana
A: 在: semi-cursive style(gyosho)
Ru: る, hragana

Size of this art work

Work (Washi: Japanese Paper)Size: 11.5cm*17.5cm
Flame size:16.5m*23cm

Accessories: none
Packing size: Uncertain
Packing weight: Within1KG (rough estimate)

Attention: We will not compensate it for the damage by the mistake of the transport.


JPY 15,000 (plus sales tax)

This price includes packing and shipping charges within Japan.