Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

Terms and Conditions, how to shopping

Conditions of art works

Some art works are over 10 years old and some have been exibited in expositions and gallaries. Therefore, you may notice the change of color especially of paper, and/or small stains/spots appeared on the paper. We are trying to indicate them in the explanation of each art work but you may still find others when you receive the one you purchase.

Since our art works are hand-drawn on natural papers, please be informed and allow that there might be some degree of 'weathering'.

Some art works cannot be removed

Some art works are glewed on the background paper or sheet. They are basically not removable.

Frames and scrolls

Some work were shown at the calligraphy exhibitions, therewith they were in the frame for exhibitions. However, we cannot send a flame and glass. This is because there is the risk to fail during transportation. The product is only the work put on the sheet(thin plate) or the work(paper). Cost of good sold does not include the frame and glass cover.

In case of the frames with acryle glass, it is possible to sell the works with frame.

Traceable shipping

You can purchase a work via the following site. It is necessary for you to check whether the import of these products is admitted by the law of your country.
It leads to the purchase site when you click the following burner.

Not refundable

Once our art works are dispatched, the payment you made is not refundable.

Custom clearance and import tax

We are not responsible on custom clearance and any tax incured on our art works upon arrival to your contry. Any argument raised and/or taxes incured by the authorities must be settled by yourself.