Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)

19. Kanji Translation and name in kanji

Kanji translation: Meaningful words or phrases

If you want to have any meaningful words or phrases written in kanji, just tell us words or phrases in English. We translate them into Japanese and express them in Japanese calligraphy. If you like to have a word 'love' in kanji, our artist write for you by hand. Even if same word is requested several times, she will write it anew.

Name in kanji

Do you like to have your names written in kanji?

If, so, this service is just for you. Our shodo master writes any words with Japanese kanji characters in artistic forms.

In the case of names or places, we look for a combination of kanji characters, which is phonetically similar to its English pronunciation.

For example, 'Catherine' can be written like below. This is just an example and other combinations can also be considered.

伽: to take care, 紗: woven silk, 鈴: bell

For example, 'Ronald' can be written like below.

炉: /ro/ oven, 成: /naru/ become, complete 土: /do/soil, earth